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equine therapy

New Client bookings are available
for Naturopathic and Equine
Therapy appointments
from MAY 2024
Call 0419209104 for bookings


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Meet Robyn Thompson

Natural Health Specialist
Robyn Thompson


 I am a Naturopathic Practitioner, Herbalist and Homeopath. I have been practicing my unique blend of Homeopathic and Herbal Medicine for over 35 years.

Equine Therapy is a recent wonderful addition to my practice.

I was originally a student of Chemistry and studied at Monash University for 3 years before going to live in London for 5 years working as a Research Chemist.

In England, I fell in love with Herbal Medicine and came back to Australia to study with the great Herbalist Dorothy Hall. After completing a 3-year Herbal Diploma with Dorothy I then went on to study Homeopathy for 4 years in Melbourne. Along the way, I learned, amongst many things,  about Flower Essence Therapy, Advanced Iridology, and Blood Analysis. I also became a Natural Fertility Consultant. Later I achieved a Bachelor of Health Science in Complementary Medicine.

 I worked with Ruth Trickey in Clifton Hill for 7 years before starting my own practices in Caulfield and Malvern. Finally, I founded the iconic Botanica Medicines in 2000. I sold Botanica in July 2019 and I am now living in Torquay where I have a home clinic and full dispensary for online bookings and a room in a beautiful clinic close by for face-to-face appointments

The emphasis of my work is always on treating each person as absolutely unique, requiring their own unique treatment. I love to look after my clients and help them in their journey through life. Each person is special and completely individual. I have experience in a wide field of conditions and diseases but I specialize in fertility, cancer (working with your Oncologist) gut health, women’s and men's health, preconception care, and stress-related conditions, always working with the whole picture presented to me.

I am passionate about good health, the environment, and our beautiful animal world. I am constantly learning about new ways to help my clients to achieve their full health potential in every way.

I have completed my studies in Equine Therapy and I'm now offering this beautiful modality at the Yoga Farm. Bookings are available from Feb 2024

Meet Amelia
Why Naturopathy

What do I do?

What type of conditions am I able to help you with?

Love your guts and they will love you!

It's an understatement to say 'It's all about the gut" because it REALLY IS ALL ABOUT THE GUT! Most diseases and conditions can be related back to a disturbance in the microbiome and it can be helped with expert gut treatment. I have been treating gut problems for 35 years!

so tired

Most of my clients tell me that they are 'tired all of the time'. You can get used to being tired and think that is normal. This is sub health and you can be in this state for years.

There is always a reason. Let's find out why and you get back to optimal energy!

Detoxification and Cancer support

Using evidence based protocols and working with your Oncologist

together we will bring your body to optimal health to maximize your chances of becoming cancer free.

Detox to prevent cancer
Women's and men's  Health
men womens health

Conditions relating to any aspect of women's and men's health can be treated with herbs, homeopathic medicines and nutritional medicines. I have helped my clients with symptoms of insomnia, menopause, andropause, anxiety, depression, arthritis, autoimmune diseases, thyroid problems, and many other issues. My focus is on a dietary approach with appropriate herbs to balance, detoxify and strengthen your body,




25% of couples have problems with conception. Let's look outside the square and find out why this isn't happening for you. It may be as simple as a dietary change or more complicated requiring a lot of detective work to uncover the reason.

Stress is a killer

Stress - the biggest saboteur of

our health! If you have a lot of stress in your life or even a perpetually overbusy lifestyle you are running on cortisol. Find out how to manage it and reduce the ravages of stress.


I first saw  Robyn 20 years ago when I was recovering from breast cancer and chemotherapy. She has helped me to stay well, always keeping me on track with my life and health in so many ways
 Mary (Malvern)



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